Confection Moist – A Truly Awesome E-Liquid Treat

Confection Moist

Once in a while, a vape juice comes around that gets everyone talking.  It doesn’t happen often – it’s hard, after all, for an e-liquid brand to make a flavor that is universally desirable.  But when it does happen, it takes the vaping world by storm, and other companies rush to copy the flavor profile so that they can get in on the trend.

Some of the most memorable flavors of all time have taken sweet treats that we know and love and turned them into magnificent vapes full of bold, authentic and rich flavor.  Think of famous custards, doughnuts, pies and other e-liquids that have won the hearts of vapers around the world.  Well now, there’s a new vape in town, and it comes from up-and-coming brand Confection.  If the flavors that they’re currently working on are anything like this vape juice, you can expect this company to rise to the top in no time, setting trends while raising industry standards.

Moist is a vape juice that sounds simple in terms of its flavor profile.  But when you vape it, you realize that it’s anything but.  What it consists of is a base of pound cake, but not any old pound cake.  This one is as moist as can be, as the name implies, practically dripping with butter.  To make it even more intoxicating, every inch is soaked in a lemon-sugar glaze that gives it a sweet and tangy flavor profile that complements the inherent buttery taste beautifully.  Then, vanilla pastry cream is filled into the middle of the cake, taking this classic homemade dessert to a whole new level of decadence.

When you first let that vapor into your mouth, the bright citrus gets things flowing right off the bat.  Instantly, you’ll find that your mouth is watering thanks to the zesty and slightly tart taste.  That tartness is quickly balanced out by sweetness from the sugar, providing the palate with a duality that leaves it absolutely satiated.  Slowly, the buttery notes of the cake creep up on the palate, and you finally get to enjoy that iconic pound cake flavor that reminds you of grandma’s classic recipe.  Then, just when you’ve decided that it couldn’t possibly get any better than it is in that moment, the velvety vanilla cream takes over, smothering every taste bud with its rich and velvety taste.

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