The Hottest New Vaping Device, Introducing The ZQ Vi

ZQ Vi is a new pod vaping device designed to change the vaping game for good, as the device combines a wide range of features and benefits to provide e-smokers with their desired arrangement. The innovative device has been described as the comprehensive answer for smokers, on account of its unique features and benefits.

Pod vaping systems have become increasingly prominent in recent times, with users realizing the astounding benefits of the system. However, a significant number of the available systems have not fulfilled the desire of users, with numerous such persons searching for convenience, compactness, and power in one device. On account of ZQ Vi, however, such persons can have their desire fulfilled, with the device offering astonishing performance at an affordable price.

The astonishing features of ZQ Vi have stood it out from other devices. The major recognizing feature is the forefront technology used in making the device. The manufacturers of the devices are the pioneers of Cellular Spiral Airflow, otherwise known as the CSA technology, taking into account smoother wind stream all through the device to the coil for a better user taste experience.

The 1.4-ohm coil of the vape being paired with organic cotton wicks enables the system to be used with a range of prominent vaping materials including CBD oil and nicotine salt and also great e-juices in all flavors, offering users the versatility they desire.

The system is likewise easy to use, on account of its double magnetic connection focuses that immovably connect the pot cartridge to the device with no probability of loosening. The ZQ Vi offers flexible modes, with two modes – the steady voltage mode and full power yield mode, suiting the needs and preferences of different users.

The convenientce of the device is another unmistakable feature of ZQ Vi, with its minimal dimensions enabling it to fit easily into a pocket while the long lifespan of the 650 mAh battery ensures that users do come up short on power while all over the place far from a charging point.

Other astonishing features of the ZQ Vi include its infinite style, as it is beautifully designed to be perfectly streamlined with an attractive metal body. The device additionally ensures the safety of the user, with its savvy chip protection system ensuring that vapers are kept safe from shortcircuiting, over-sucking and over-charging.

ZQ Vi combines style and usefulness in one portable package, ensuring vapers get their desire without breaking the bank.

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