It Really is the "EZZY" to Enjoy These Disposables at LA Vape Co!


Who said that vaping had to be complicated?  Thanks to Ezzy and their now-legendary Oval Bars, you can say goodbye to messy refilling, coil replacements and even recharging your battery.  Ezzy has been a leader in the disposable vape market thanks to their ability to provide reliable technology combined with their impeccable knack for delicious flavor.  If you’re looking for a disposable vape that’s as user-friendly and portable as they come, well, you’ve found it.

The Oval Bar is a draw-activated portable vaping system that comes pre-assembled, fully charged and filled with delicious salt nic vape juice.  You can expect a solid 300 puffs out of each bar, and you can also count on the flavor being phenomenal all the way through.  Why?  Because these guys know a thing or two about creating mouthwatering flavor profiles.  Their use of high-quality ingredients, combined with their extraordinary mixing skills, has proven to be their recipe for success.  And, their technology has a reputation for being perfectly dependable, which means that you can count on getting one satisfying pull after another until the juice runs out.  Best of all, once that does happen, you can simply toss one out and grab a new one.

And, as for the juice flavors, it doesn’t get any more satisfying.  So many disposables produce a disappointing lineup of flavors that we’ve seen a hundred times.  Ezzy set out to thrill our palates with offering like caramel-drenched popcorn, velvety vanilla custard and ice-infused bananas.  They’ve also got more traditional flavors that combine luscious fruits together to refresh us whenever we take a pull.

If you’re ready to jump on board the disposables train, you’ve come to the right place.  Ezzy’s Oval Bars will not let you down – that we can say for certain.

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