Joining a New Vape Cult: Drip Cult

Drip Cult

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you know that there’s an endless supply of candy-inspired flavors on the market.  Now, that may sound like a positive thing, but in fact, many vapers find that at least half of the candy flavors that they come across are lacking in boldness, and many taste like anything but the flavor that they claim to be inspired by.  Even worse, so many are made with flavoring ingredients that taste so artificial that after just a couple of puffs, the vaping experience has to come to an end as it’s no longer satisfying.

That’s why we’re always excited to promote a new vape brand that is actually doing things right.  And, right now, that’s Drip Cult.  Drip Cult is the name of the parent company that’s producing two lines that have every confection-loving vaper talking: Phenom and Phenom on Ice.  Quite plainly, once you get your hands on these e-liquids, you’ll be wondering why you’ve been settling on mediocre candy flavors for so long.

See, Drip Cult does things a bit differently.  They’re not in the business of ripping off vapers by using cheap ingredients and selling their formulas at high prices.  In fact, they themselves are vapers who were tired of the less-than-stellar candy options that saturated the market.  So, what did they do?  Well, naturally, they opened up their own e-juice company, and the rest is history.

Thanks to Phenom and Phenom on Ice, vapers with a serious sweet tooth can finally give into their most devilish cravings in a way that provides them with the real, pure and rich tastes that they know and love.  Not only is this a more satisfying way to vape, but it helps vapers who are trying to avoid indulging in the real stuff by giving them a totally suitable flavor alternative in the form of e-liquids.


Phenom is the original candy line, and Phenom on Ice takes those delectable flavors and infuses them with menthol for an added kick.  What both lines offer is iconic candy favorites, including fruity belts of gummy goodness, chewy taffy that explodes with tropical juices, and more.  It’s quite profound how intense these flavors are compared to the run-of-the-mill options that are out there today.  It’s almost like they concentrated their flavors using some level of sorcery.  It doesn’t matter how they’ve pulled it off, because what’s important is that these flavors really hit the spot on a whole new level.

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