The Simple Vaping Fruits in Life: ORGNX ELIQUIDS


Have you noticed that more and more vape companies are creating flavor profiles that border on baroque, overstuffing their e-liquids with so many different flavored extracts that what you end up with is a muddy and confusing taste?  Thankfully, there are brands like ORGNX E-Liquids that have taken a more rustic approach, offering a lineup of single fruit offerings to those of us who could use a little more simplicity in life.  After all, life is complicated enough, so why shouldn’t we just sit back and enjoy a flavor that’s minimalistic, yet so fresh-tasting that it makes the palate tingle?

ORGNX is yet another vape company based in Southern California, and if you know anything about the vaping industry as a whole, you know that here is where the most exquisite vape juices are produced.  Maybe there’s something in the water, or maybe competition is just so high that brands really have to go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of vapers around the world.  Either way, ORGNX has risen to the challenge, because their single fruit options may be simple, but boy do they hit the spot when nothing else will do.

They’ve got apples, peaches, honeydew melons, mangoes, lychees…the list almost never ends.  And, if that wasn’t enough, they’ve created menthol versions of all of their flavors too, just for those ice enthusiasts who can’t imagine taking a puff of vapor without having that smooth, chilly finish.  No matter which flavor you choose, you can count on feeling refreshed and soothed, and swept off of your feet as a result of a truly clean-tasting e-liquid that’s sweetened in a way that’s pleasantly natural. 

It’s time to explore what they have to offer, and grab the fruits that appeal to your palate.

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