Top 5 Music Artists That Love Vaping

We could all assume music artists enjoy Vape. It's even a bigger known reality that rappers love to gloat about their pot use. This for the most part leads to endorsements of specific items or a moving papers. With vaporizers the next best thing to consume cannabis, rappers have been hitting deals with different vape manufacturers to get their names on these devices.

A Brief Summary On Vape Pens

In spite of the fact that not everyone has gotten into vaporizers yet, they're definitely developing in prevalence. The benefits of vaping over smoking are undeniable. It's time for a change and vapes are leading the way.

Vaporizers come in different shapes and sizes. They have differing features, materials and heating methods. The most efficient devices use convection heating, in which the air around the herb heats up and changes the active ingredients into vapor.

These Are The Most Popular Artist That Publicly Advocate Vaping

Snoop Dogg: The Snoop Dogg G-pen line by Grenco come in three sizes: The Original, Pro and Elite (from $49.95-$89.95). SoCal native Snoop was the principal celeb to bounce on the vape pen temporary fad. You can top off his pens with flower created by Leafs by Snoop.

Action Bronson: There's no denying the New York native is into everything pot. From smoking weed to spotting and even cooking, he's become one of the most notable weed rappers. Bronson has several shows on Viceland, including F*ck, That's Delicious. He's teamed up with Grenco Science on the Micro G Pen. It sells for $69.95.

Curren$y: In 2015, Kind Pen released its limited edition Mint Condition vape device in conjunction with the Louisiana rapper. Its green shading copies his 1964 Impala.

The Weeknd: In 2015, the Canadian rapper/singer teamed up with Pax on a custom Pax 2 portable vape. It has an all-dark exterior shell, The Weeknd's "XO" logo and plays his melody, "The Hills." Pax co-sponsored his "The Madness" visit.

A$AP Rocky: The New York rapper has partnered with Kandypens on their Flacko Jodye Collection. The device's gold mouthpiece, walnut complete, chocolate dark colored leather case and A$AP monogram on the ceramic dishes makes it a programmed collector's item. It costs $148. "A$AP Rocky is genuinely a tastemaker of our generation in both music and mold," says Graham Gibson, president and CEO of KandyPens. "So we were thrilled when he wanted to work with us on creating a vaporizer set for the future, while at the same time catching a great style. We are thrilled at how this project turned out and can hardly wait to see what he comes up with next."

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