Ways to Successfully Become a Coil Builder

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Many vapers find that after a few years of vaping, they want to move on to a more advanced way to enjoy their hobby.  A lot of experienced vapers decide that they wish to begin building their own coils.  As you can imagine, building your own coils can benefit you in a variety of ways.  However, it is considered an advanced vaping style, which means that knowing what you’re doing is crucial so that you don’t cause damage to your device, or, even worse, yourself.

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can get started building your own coils so that you can finally call yourself a true DIY vaper.  We’re going to walk you through everything that you need to successfully become a coil builder.  Within no time, you’ll be building expertly constructed coils and reaping all of the benefits of this advanced way of vaping.

Advantages of Building Your Own Coils

There are several ways in which making your own coils can benefit you as a vaper.  For one thing, as you probably know, vapers are a bit limited by the coils that are available on the market.  For the most part, they can only choose from a relatively small selection of coils that are compatible with their unique vaping setup.  This means that they can’t explore a wide array of configurations that change the way in which they experience their e-liquid.

Building your own coils lets you customize just about every aspect of vaping.  Certain configurations, for instance, make your e-liquid taste ridiculously bold and rich, while others give you that powerful throat hit that you crave more than anything.  And, of course, different coils create different types of vape clouds.

Additionally, building your own coils allows you to save money.  It’s far cheaper to build coils from scratch than to buy them pre-made.

How to Build Coils Like a Pro in No Time

Now, let’s talk about the things that you’ll need to be a successful coil builder.

Know Ohm’s Law and Joule’s Law

Before you do anything else, study Ohm’s Law and Joule’s Law.  These two scientific laws explain the crucial relationships between wattage, current, voltage and resistance level.  As we’re sure you know, the resistance level of a coil must be compatible with the output settings of a device, and failing to respect this relationship can leave you with an unsatisfying vape, not to mention damaged hardware.

Start Simple and Work Your Way Up to More Complex Configurations

It’s always wise to start simple.  We know you’re eager to try those advanced configurations you’ve seen on YouTube, but it’s best to start with a simple single coil configuration.  Once you’ve mastered this relatively easy build, you can move up to more advanced styles.  Trust us when we say that starting slow will benefit you tremendously in the long run.

Right Materials and Tools are Crucial

Your coils are only as good as the materials from which they’re made and the tools that you’ve used to create them.  We’re sure that you’re already aware of the fact that making your own coils requires a pretty decent collection of materials and tools, ranging from high-quality cotton for wicking purposes to the right wire cutters for a clean edge.  Make sure that you invest in the right products so that your coils can be as high in quality as possible.

Tutorials Can Be Your Friend…

For more advanced coil-building techniques, we strongly recommend checking out online tutorials.  These tutorials walk you through every single step so that you are less likely to make an error that will cost you. 

…As Can Vaping Forums

Also, you can learn a lot from DIY vaping forums, which are easy to find since they’re so popular.  There, you can ask questions and allow experienced DIY vapers to help you figure things out while you work your way up to being a coil-building pro.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Lastly, vaping is about experimenting.  We all have a different sweet spot, and it takes effort to find it.  We suggest being open to trying a wide range of coil builds and materials until you find exactly what works for you.  Don’t assume that because one coil configuration is popular among your buddies that it will undoubtedly satisfy your needs as well.

The Coil Building Perks Are Evident

Being a DIY coil builder can help you experience more vaping satisfaction than ever before while also making it easy to save money.  However, in order to successfully build your own coils, you need to have the right tools and materials as well as a strong understanding of how and how not to create coils from scratch.  Use this guide to ensure that all of your bases are covered before you embark on this vaping adventure.

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