All About Candy King

All About Candy King - 

Candy King Eliquid is an Ultra Premium American Ejuice company that specializes in the creation of gourmet vape juiceCandy King Ejuice prides itself in providing high quality eliquid vape juice through research, development, rigorous testing and innovation. Candy King has so many classics like Batch, Swedish, Worms, and Belts. Please see the newer flavors below. 

All flavors come in a 100ml e-juice bottle made by Chubby Gorilla. Please make sure your products are authentic by making sure your bottles come directly from chubby Gorilla. A lot of flavors on the market, believe it or not, are in fake bottles. Most companies have a specific logo implemented somewhere on the product. Research these indicators and keep your eyes open.

Here is a List of some of the new the candy king flavors that have taken the Vape Market by storm.


To All The Lemon Lovers. Sorry For The Wait. It's Been A Long Time Coming. You Will Identify The Distinct Flavor As Soon As You Take Your First Vape. The Sour From The Lemon Was Perfectly Proportioned To The Sweet Of The Chewy Gummy Candy. Makes It The Magnificent Combination  




The Forever Best, From The Sweetest To The Tastiest. Candy King Brings You The Vape Copy Image Of As You Were Taking A Bite Of Your Favorite Peach Gummy Candy




Ever Wonder Why Pink Chewy Candy Are The Best? The Taste, The Flavor, The Fellings Are Untouchable. What's Even Drip More Crazy? They Remade Your All Time Favorite Pink Chewy Candy Flavor That You Anticipate When You Vape It


Try some of these new amazing flavors today on LA Vape Co. Thank you!


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LA Vape Co 

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