Top Cosmic Fog E-Juice Review And Complete E-Liquid Flavor List

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Based out of Orange County California comes one of the best vape juice companies on the market today. Cosmic Fog is a very popular e-liquid brand with vapers. Know for many unique flavors like the strawberry and ground almond butter Nutz, and one of the most popular Milk and Honey. These e-juice flavors by cosmic fog have been ranked and reviewed highly by the vape community.

Each Flavor is developed over a seven to eight month process all done within a ISO8 facility. Each flavor is filtered five times to achieve the purest                    e-liquid. Cosmic Fog comes in a 60ml bottle. The e-liquid blend is 70/30 VG/PG

Cosmic Fog offers a wide range of vape flavors that will keep you busy vaping for weeks. You could find the top cosmic fog vapor flavors and flavor descriptions listed below

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Our Top Cosmic Fog vapors ejuice flavors: 


Chew on this! Chewberry is an un-explainable juicy mouthful of strawberries, sweet passion fruit, and our secret blend of tropical delights. All of this flavor packed into a delightfully chewy candy that will leave you begging for more. Chewberry is guaranteed to fulfill your sweet tooth.

Cosmic Fog Vapors - ChewberryBuy Cosmic Fog Vapors - Chewberry Here


Milk & Honey

Close your eyes and imagine a vape lighter than air. You see fields of puffy marsh mallows as far as the eye can see. The sky opens and sweet milk rains down. Open your eyes in time for the perfect note of rich honey to cap it all off. Finally you have the land of milk and honey.

Cosmic Fog Vapors - Milk & Honeybuy Cosmic Fog Vapors - Milk & Honey Here



Ready to go Nutz? Let's do it. Sweet and juicy strawberry preserve, spread evenly over fresh ground almond butter. Infused with only the most subtle notes of whipped honey creme. All this flavor in between two slices of a fat billowy cloud. Its just how mama used to do it...if your mom was Rachael Ray.

Cosmic Fog Vapors - Nutzbuy Cosmic Fog Vapors - Nutz Here


View All - 

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