Starter Kit Guide: Uwell Crown 4 200W TC Starter Kit

guide Uwell Crown 4 200W TC Starter Kit vaping

If you’ve been in the vaping scene for a while, you’ve surely watched Uwell deliver one high-performance, extremely reliable piece of hardware after another.  Now, this legendary brand has blessed the vaping community with the Uwell’s Crown 4 200W TC Starter Kit, a stunningly advanced, high-power sub-ohm vaping system that lets users customize with incredible precision.

If you’re about to get your hands on the coveted Uwell Crown 4 200W TC Starter Kit, you’ve come to the right place.  Today, we’ll be helping you figure out how to use it in a way that will bring you the most satisfaction.  We’ve created a step-by-step guide to setting it up and enjoying it to its fullest potential within minutes.

Step #1: In the box, you’ll find the Uwell Crown 4 Mod, the sub-ohm tank, two coils, spare parts, a drip tip cover, a charging cable and a user manual.  Remove all of the components from the box except for the drip tip cover, the charging cable and the user manual.  Keep these items in the box as you’ll need them at a later time.

Step #2: Fully charge two 18650 batteries for the mod.  Once they are fully charged, insert them into the mod’s battery compartment.

Step #3: While your batteries are charging, set up your sub-ohm tank.  First, choose between the two coils that are provided based on your vaping preferences.  Then, prime your coil properly.  Install it into your tank and fill your tank with e-liquid.  This tank uses a top-filling mechanism that prevents leaks and spills.

Step #4: Now, you may attach your freshly filled tank to the mod.  Locate the power button on the side of the chassis.  Once the mod has been turned on, you’ll see the display screen light up.

Step #5: Use the display screen and navigation buttons on the side of the mod to adjust your settings.  You can choose between a wide range of wattage settings as well as a temperature control option. 

Final Step: The power button doubles as a firing button.  Push on the firing button to take in your first hit.  Enjoy!

The Uwell Crown 4 200W TC Starter Kit is a truly exceptional sub-ohm vaping system from one of the greatest brands that ever graced the vaping market.  Using this guide will ensure that you experience pure vaping bliss as soon as you fire that first hit.  Enjoy this stunning vape kit!

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